My name is Mary Ellen Wiltshire......
I was born in 1974 and this is my abridged biography.
I always knew I was good at art because at the age of 6 as I could paint a really good painting of a squirrel and everyone around me was making a mess.

Later on in my school career I excelled at practical subjects and ended up doing Graphic Communication,  Art and Photography.

Towards the end of School there was a lot going on in my life and I ended up at Portsmouth University studying Historical Studies. I specialised in lots of Cultural and Art History electives and completed my dissertation on the Art in the First World War. 

After my degree I ended up in the Media in London where I worked for MTV and the BBC within advertising. After a few years I decided I would retrain as an Artist and completed a 2 year HE Certificate in Interdisciplinary Art part time at Leeds College of Art and Design. This led to an exhibition of my work and a successful application to Leeds University to complete a PGCE to teach Art and Design.

It was about this time when blindfolded working with clay the lecturer (a well experienced Art Teacher and Lecturer in Arts Education) told me I was the most Haptic person he had seen. A lightbulb came on as I realised my natural ability and affinity with the sense of touch and the feeling world.

Moving back to the Swindon area I have been involved in education ever since. Working as an Art Teacher, Head of Department and Head of Faculty. I have built up 15 years teaching experience and also keep up my personal practice as an Artist. I also completed a Certificate in Continuing Advanced Educational Practice at Oxford Brookes.

I am married to a lovely carpenter called Jamie who runs Wiltshire Woodworking in an Oxfordshire Village and have 2 children, Ernest and Alberta.

I am very lucky.


2019:                 Woodland Exhibtion - Group Show - Cornerstone Arts, Didcot, Oxforshire
2019:                 Textiles Collaboration – (Collaboration)  Portugal 
2018:                 Imagined Places – Mixed Media Paintings – Prince of Wales – Shrivenham 
2015:                 Access Art – Share a Bird – Work placed in schools from Artists (Collaboration) 
2014:                 Mural – India 

2006:                 Inspired by Swindon – The Victoria, Swindon 
2005:                 Heart – (Group Show) – Leeds 
2003:                 Pattern and Protest – (Group Show)  Leeds College of Art
2002:                 Alchemy – Reincarnation through light – York


Education and Qualitifcation

HE Certiifcate in Intersidicplinary Art and Design​​

BA Hons Historical Studies 2:1

Portsmouth University 1993-1997 

Specialisms in Moderism and Art based modules including:
Art and Power in 19th Century Europe
Paris Society 1880-1900
Rural Symbolism
Modernism; Art, Culture and Politics in Europe
Leeds College of Art and Design 2001-2003

Creating work with photography, film,  sculpture, installation and print. 

PGCE in Art & Design 

Certificate in Advanced Educational Pracitce

Leeds University 2003-2004

Teaching Post Grad Certificate included teaching at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, supporting a research project into Gifted and Talented at Harewood House and research into the teaching of Desing in the curriculum.

Oxford Brookes - 2008 -2010

Workign with Contemporary Art and Design practice and a personal development unit looking at the themes of classification, language and order of Art. 


​I also publish a blog on this site.

The Exhibitionist - April 2001

Into the Woods  - Childrens Book 

AD Magazine - Summer 2016 - Issue 16

A self published Childrens booked based on going to the woods aimed at 3-5 year olds. A protype that I would like to rework in the future.  
A review of 20th Century Sculpture from the German born artist, Wiebke Siem at the Henry Moore Institute. 
Take me to a Gallery - An article on the importance of challenging students though gallery visits and atttaining funding from The Eridge Trust.