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Freelance Artist Rate £30 per hour (dependant on material cost)

Tutoring available for children and adults.

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2019 - Group Woodland Exhibtion

Cornerstone, Didcot

One image was chosen for the exhibtion froma range of fisheye, lomography photographs taken on film.

Autumn 2018 - Nature Inspired samples in preparation for an Exhibtion in Sept 2019 at The Nuffield Orthapaedic Centre

Mixed Media with Embossing inspired by Nature - 2018

A range of work creating embossed and printed images inspired by the Natural World.

Pet Portraits

A Range of Pet Portraits from 2018

Since becoming a dog owner in March 2017 I've been spending plenty of time out and about meeting some wonderful four legged friends.
During 2018 this has influences my artist direction as I have been completing some pet protraits.
If you have a pet and want to create a very special piece of art please contact me.

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Book Illustration


Here are a few of ny book illustration I did for a collection of Sherlock Holmes Stories.

Need an illustrator-  [email protected]
Dream Birds
A found surreal image made by random wax textures that realased these imagined birds onto the canvas. They inhabit an imagined world as if dream like. 
A village in the Tuscany Hills, this scene shows the narrow alleyways that led to some of the village becoming deserted after the advent of the motor car. Narrow streets and memories of grandeur.
Painting - Places imagined 
I produced these painting based on imagined surreal enviroments, these are my impression of the world arround me. These are often created through building layers and applying paint with found objects. Media is often mixed to create texture that resonates with the world or comes from the imagination creating a sense of place. This work is for sale on the Art Gallery website.

Winter Trees at Waylands
A sacred space these winter trees surround an old burial mound on the Ridgeway in Oxfordshire. The winter sun reveals them awaitng spring.

Sketchbook Circle 2015 and 2016

Over the course of 2 years I took part in the TEA sketchbook circle project and created a range of outcomes. Lots of fun.

Worthwhilte and a great CPD opportunity for artists you can find out more here:
Share a bird Project
This is a collography piece that I added watercolour to for the 2015 Access Art Share a Bird Project. It is now residing in a school somewhere where I hope it is enjoyed by staff and students.
Bird in Morris
India Mural - Tami Nadu  - 2014
For 3 weeks in July my family and me went to India to help build classrooms at a school. Whilst we were there we also managed to create this mural in this huge room which is the bedroom for 100 of the students who board.  It was great to make their enviroment better and a huge job but under my art direction it went really well and I am very proud of it. I have also worked on large scale backdrops for local acting groups so I am used to covering vast spaces.



These images were commissioned by a local crafts business for thier guiding website.

Detailing the process and showing the work in progress.

Other photography commission have included weddings, band photography and family portraits.

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Cooking a Cook Book
Examining the language of cooking and method by add a book to the mix. Reclassification
Embedding PC Language
Investigating the hidden strands of language within a technological world.
Fossilised Technology
Artist Techer Scheme 2008 - 2010
Examining technilogy as fossilised objects in response to an every changing and outdated technological society.
Over the course of 2 years I complete a Certificate in Advanced Education Practice. Part of this course was professional practice. A focus for the work became Chaos and Order and the reclassification of language within art in regard to technology.

2006 - Swindon 

In 2006 I created as range of work for a competition in Swindon, the final work were three large canvas prints that were all sold locally. 

I wanted to celebrate Swindon and it achievements and its diversity. 

All work sold and I wonder often where they are hanging...
Heart - 2005
See the whole collection
These heart suits were created for a friend who estalished a chartity for homeless and abandoned children Kenya called LOVE Shack.

They were fun to make and fun to wear and we had plenty of fun on this shoot.

The imaged are manipulated with a block print and created a layered and imagined landscapes.

If you went down to the woods that day you were in for a surprise. Art is fun.
2004 -Protest and Pattern
A textiles piece based on the Anti Iraq War March - Mixing ideas of the Personal and the Political World

2003 - Meat Dress

Reincarnation through light

In 2002-2003 I created a series of images by using animal parts that were photographed and photoshoped to create life in this organic dress. The parts were all see though and when photographed images and colours were projected onto the wearer. 

These images were printed onto large fabric hangings and exhibited in York. 

The theme of turing once was dead into new lifes plays with the life and death cycle, the ever recurring events that make us human, What was once will be again. 

The cicular patterns on the dress repeat this theme. 

Textiles provides a tactile surface.